Friday, June 22, 2018

June is National Safety Month!

OK, I know! June is almost over, but it's never too late to be safe! Wearing the appropriate gear, cleaning spills and learning CPR are just a few ways to ensure no one gets hurt at work or at home.
The National Safety Council has some great information on how to keep you, your coworkers and family safer. CLICK HERE for more information!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

It's All About The Tools

Using the right tools will save time and labor...and just do a better job! These are some of the essential tools AMS uses on a daily basis:

- #74 Sponges- These yellow sponges have a green scrubby attached to be extra tough
- #Q311 Doodle pad holder- Don't break your back, use a doodle pad holder (with scrub pads) on a tapered handle on your next floor job. Baseboards and edges are no match for it!
- #RCP7577 and RCP7580 Mop Bucket and Wringer Combo
- #VP25, VP35 or VP45 Visa Versa Squeegee and Strip Washer Combo- Go from washing to squeegeeing with a flip of the handle! Why carry 2 tools when you can get the job done with 1?
- #LH12C Long Handled Scraper
- #S9957 Utility Kit / Bowl Caddy- Holds a bowl mop and your favorite toilet bowl cleaner

See these tools and more by clicking here!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring Cleaning to Control Pests

Spring cleaning means much more than looking shiny and new again.  The warmer weather is finally here, which also means the arrival of pests. Pests damage your health AND your facility. They can spread disease in a matter of days. Take control before an infestation begins!

·    It’s a great time to wipe out cabinets and discard food that has expired.
·   How about those areas in the Break Room / Lunch Room that get ignored? Clean behind the refrigerator, vending machines, microwave and other large appliances.

This is also a great time to do some general maintenance on your building:
·   Be sure leaky faucets/pipes are repaired; Pests love moisture. 
·   Check your screens, doors and windows- repair or re-seal where needed.

Too late and you already have a case of the creepy crawlies? Try Spartan’s CR-2 Roach and Ant Killer Spray. It kills ants, roaches, centipedes, spiders and other crawling bugs that I can’t even list now because I am starting to itch. CR-2 also provides residual control for up to 3 months! Click Here to see the CR-2 brochure for more info.

You can always call AMS Advanced Maintenance Service for all your cleaning needs! 815-547-7952 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Don’t think you need a cleaning company? It may cost you!

Your office staff doesn’t want to clean. No, really- they don’t. One person always gets stuck cleaning toilets. Not everyone does their ‘fair share’, leaving you with a dirty building.  Allow your workers to focus on what they do best and leave cleaning to the experts, like AMS! We'll clean it better and more efficiently.
AMS uses the right cleaning chemicals for the job. We make sure your building is clean and sanitized to help stop the spread of sickness causing germs and bacteria. Your employees are less likely to get sick, saving your company wasted time and money from lost production.  
First impressions are lasting ones. If your building is dirty- people will take notice. Your employee morale will be in the toilet. A potential client or customer may think differently about your company if they walk into a dirty office or restroom. Protect your bottom line and have peace of mind knowing your building will always look it’s best with AMS. 

Call AMS today for your walk-thru and quote 815-547-7952

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Stop Spreading Cold & Flu Germs

The flu rears its ugly head every year, tormenting us into spring. Thousands will be hospitalized and/or die every year from flu-related complications. It is important to be prepared and take steps to clean and disinfect properly to keep everyone safe and healthy throughout the flu season.
Regular hand washing. Germs thrive on your hands- You can have up to 50,000 bacteria per square inch of your hands! Let’s fix that. Post reminders in restrooms, cafeterias and kitchens about the importance of proper hand washing. You can download this one to use.  When water is not available- use hand sanitizer!
Disinfect high-touch surfaces and objects regularly. The office telephones, door handles, keyboards, light switches. Viruses and bacteria can remain on hard surfaces for up to 18 hours. Use disinfectants to clean high-touch surfaces often.
It is also important to use cleaning chemicals and disinfectants the correct way. Always read the labels and follow the instruction for use and dilution (if needed). Be sure to have an SDS on hand in case of accidents. The easy way to deal with all of this would be to call AMS. We can do the cleaning for you!