Friday, June 9, 2017

Decrease Maintenance Costs Dramatically By Using Floor Savers

Hours of your sweat and tears were spent cleaning, stripping and refinishing your floors. You take one last look after bringing the chairs and furniture back in. But you notice something- are those scratches on the floor already? Chairs continually scratching back and forth all day- All your hard work will turn into this before you know it:

AMS can fix this! We can refinish your floors (ha ha) AND supply floor savers! You will not have to buff or refinish your floors as often. Case studies show maintenance on floors can be cut by as much as 50%! Which means decreased product cost and less labor. Big-time cost savings for little investment!

Floor savers come in styles and sizes to fit just about any chair leg- for carpet too! Your floor finishes and carpets will last longer. Your furniture will last longer. Another bonus- floor savers cut down on the noise level in a room.
Save your sanity and your floors the easy way with inexpensive floor savers! 
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