Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Stop Splash Back With These Urinal Screens

Urine splatter can be a real problem- on clothes, floors and walls. It's probably the #1 cause of men's restroom odor, but it's also very destructive to finishes on floors and walls. 
ProLink Premium Urinal Screens have a great feature that make them more effective than standard screens. It's an innovative anti-splash texture that helps keep your restroom - and Men's clothes- looking better between cleanings.
They also feature:
-A disposable glove and built in handle to make replacing easy and more hygienic
-Anti-slip rubber grip strips to help hold it in place
-A malodor eliminating substance and a pleasant fragrance to help combat odors for 30 days
-Anti-splash texture (Yes, I already said that, but it's worth repeating)

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