Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Bring The Shine Back- No Refinishing Required!

Not sure how your floors are looking, but winter has got us like ARGH!  The ice melt and gravel tracking in along with the boot traffic can be hard on floors. Extra matting can help, but it doesn’t stop everything. I guess we will just have to strip and refinish them…but WAIT! There’s Spraybuff to the rescue!  

Cleans AND shines all at one time!
Spraybuff uses a floor finish polymer blended with a high-quality detergent- great for removing scuffs, black heel marks, and scratches without disturbing the finish on the floor.
Minimize maintenance costs!
Spraybuff minimizes floor care maintenance expenditures by reducing the amount of dollars and labor spent stripping, sealing, and refinishing. Spray buffing provides important preventive maintenance. You can use it to restore traffic lanes, remove scratches, or add a high gloss to an already waxed or finished floor.
How to use it:
IMPORTANT: Before use, read product label and SD sheet. Wet floors may be slippery. Prevent pedestrian traffic with signs or barricades.
1. Dust and damp mop floor
2. Spray Spraybuff lightly over a 4 ft. square area near the floor machine. Just mist the area.
3. Start buffing the Spraybuff area immediately, moving the machine left to right or back and forth. When floors have been buffed dry, turn pad over and buff to a high gloss. Spraybuff can be used with floor machines of all speeds.
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