Monday, March 19, 2018

Don’t think you need a cleaning company? It may cost you!

Your office staff doesn’t want to clean. No, really- they don’t. One person always gets stuck cleaning toilets. Not everyone does their ‘fair share’, leaving you with a dirty building.  Allow your workers to focus on what they do best and leave cleaning to the experts, like AMS! We'll clean it better and more efficiently.
AMS uses the right cleaning chemicals for the job. We make sure your building is clean and sanitized to help stop the spread of sickness causing germs and bacteria. Your employees are less likely to get sick, saving your company wasted time and money from lost production.  
First impressions are lasting ones. If your building is dirty- people will take notice. Your employee morale will be in the toilet. A potential client or customer may think differently about your company if they walk into a dirty office or restroom. Protect your bottom line and have peace of mind knowing your building will always look it’s best with AMS. 

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